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Joy Now


You don’t have to leave home to run away with the circus anymore!


Drums roll, flags wave, a stilt walker hula hoops while horns bellow the sounds of New Orleans. It’s part marching band, part circus and a whole lot of fun! Members of Portland’s internationally-acclaimed MarchFourth marching band [lower case] inspire the next generation through programs that ignite creative passion and empower youth to rock-out on stage and in life.

Students play music, make costumes, dance, walk on stilts, tumble, sing, juggle, perform at exciting public venues, and learn how to use art as a tool for self expression and action. Joy Now offers week-long Summer Camps, workshops and year round classes for ages 5-18.

Joy Now will greet you at the gates in the morning, opening day, Thursday, July 4, and will perform on the Crossroads Stage Friday, July 5

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Blues Fest Cares

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