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Lil Pookie & the Zydeco Sensations

Lil Pookie & the Zydeco Sensations


As a kid, Jimmy Seraile snuck into clubs in Opelousas, Louisiana, the strength of his family name serving as a VIP pass (his grandfather was the accordion-playing patriarch Delton Broussard). That kid is now known as ‘Lil Pookie,’ and, with his own band, the Zydeco Sensations, he is carrying on the family business in raucous style.

Lil’ Pookie’s musical journey began on the outskirts of Opelousas, now known as the Zydeco Capitol of the World. It wasn’t long before he began playing the same music he craved. At age 12 he shocked the Zydeco world by winning the first accordion contest at the Zydeco Extravaganza. He picked up other instruments, becoming the drummer for the Zydeco Blazers, and later the accordion player for the group. The band was soon renamed Lil’ Pookie and the Zydeco Heartbreakers.

Pookie took a break from the Zydeco scene for a while but is back on the scene, better than ever with a new look, sound, and electrifying lyrics.

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