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LaRhonda and the Steele Family Band

LaRhonda and the Steele Family Band


The festival is pleased to welcome back the uber-talented vocalist/songwriter LaRhonda Steele and her Steele Family Band.

LaRhonda (Cascade Blues Association Muddy Award recipient for Best Female vocalist in 2016 and 2017) is joined by husband Mark Steele, pianist, composer, and arranger; and daughters Lauren and Sarah Steele, both singer-songwriters and native Oregonians who have grown up in Portland’s rich, supportive musical community.

Help the family celebrate Sarah’s acceptance to prestigious Howard University, and Lauren’s recent graduation from the acclaimed Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University.

Their show-stopping set will include Lauren’s original music along with other originals by LaRhonda and Mark, as featured on their many recordings. (Artistic Differences, My Souls Song, Rock Me Baby, and Yes Please).

Joining the group are the much-in-demand Brian Foxworth on drums, Doug Rowell on guitar, and Patrick Sargeant on trumpet.

Later in July, LaRhonda     returns to the prestigious Poretta Soul Festival in Poretta, Italy.


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Copyright © 1987-2018 Waterfront Blues Festival. All rights reserved.